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Liquidity as a grant

Syscoin Web3 Incuabtor

Syscoin Web3 Incubator(SWI) is an open Web3 incubator setup as a DAO . It is dedicated to empowering more BUIDLers entry into the Web3 world, with a focus on removing barriers through the incubating and investing process while simultaneously promoting the entire Syscoin ecosystem.

The incubator is approved by Syscoin Foundation, thrives on the Syscoin layer-1 and layer-2 Rollux ecosystem, is operated by WEconomy Combinator, and provides support through funding, grants, marketing, community, technology, brand endorse etc, to help more Buidlers, Developers, Creators, Artists and Business owners build their Web3 projects.

The incubator offers a totally different model compared to the traditional paradigm of incubators. It has no application process, no forms, no non-professional experts to judge, no exams, no permission; anyone can participate in the incubator automatically to run their Web3 projects with support from Syscoin and WEconomy, and the decision of investors as are voted upon by WESYS token holders.​

How to apply for incubating

1.Create your project with tag #SysWeb3Incubator on Syscoin through WEconomy

2.Post a proposal to Syscoin Web3 Incubator project which is on WEconomy, apply for incubating

3.Promote your project to community for seeking for voting ‘yes’ from community

Character of the incubator

1.It’s a DAO of venture and incubating 2.It’s a launchpad of Syscoin ecosystem based on WEconomy 3.It’s a BUIDLer collaborative community​

The advantages of incubator

1.Liquidity as a grant

2.100% Community-driven

3.Governed transparently on-chain

4.Permissionless and openness

5.Voting to invest and earn revenue

6.Provide incentives of liquidity

7.Incubating project from zero to one

What is liquidity-as-a-grant

The whole grants will be splitted into multi parts, then put a single part grant into a crowdfunding liquidity pool of projects to be granted, meanwhile, according to the development process and operation quality of projects, grants will be voted on by the incubator DAO.

It’s total different with traditional model of grant which projects are officially approved to get grants one-time paid, or win some kinds of competitions or post a demo, etc. but in fact most of those projects had gone in a flash they get grants, or another projects cannot insist to develop their project becoz of the unreasonable funding assignment, etc.

So liquidity-as-a-grant is a long-term supporting plan to provide reasonable grants to projects according to the performance of projects, that aims to help projects grow rapidly.

​The incubator has two functions

1.Incubation: help individuals to build Web3 projects from zero to one

2.Liquidity as a grant: Provide support of liquidity grants into early-stage DAO, Web3 projects.

How it works

1.The incubator DAO will collect all projects which hopes to be incubated from proposals, post a vote to community to convene stakeholders voting on it

2.The stakeholders will vote to decide which projects will be injected into liquidity grants

That means anyone can propose partnerships for SWI. WESYS token holders will vote on whether to approve or reject these proposals. Holding WESYS token entitles holders to submit and vote on proposals. It does not entitle holders to impose their will upon other contributors. For example, a proposal should be written as "we believe X product has the potential for exceptional growth. Here is the incubator DAO funding request and detailed proposal.”​


WESYS is the native token of Syscoin Web3 Incubator that aims to grow treasury of SWI for supporting builders of the decentralized economy on Syscoin, also which acts as a multi-utilities token dedicated to incubating and thriving the entire Syscoin ecosystem and is the key to the incubator process.​

The WESYS token has five primary use cases:

1.Voting on investing strategy of incubator

2.Voting on incubator governance

3.Earning revenue from investment of the Incubator DAO

4.Earning benefits from projects of portfolio

5.Earning rewards from specific campaigns​

Revenue Sharing:

There are two primary ways of generating investment revenue

1.Gain straight the 80% revenue from investment

2.Earn specific rewards and various rights from the incubator portfolio

General information

Chain: Syscoin

Symbol: WESYS

Initial supply: 10,000,000

Contract address: xxx

Crowdfunding Price


Note: The Crowdfunding pool will be moved into a pegasys.finance liquidity pool when WEcrowdfunding ends


50%, Crowdfunding pool

20%, Liquidity pool

5%, Syscoin foundation

5%, WEconomy combinator

2%, Community rewards

18%, Treasury



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