WEconomy represents an advanced economic network rooted in Web3 and blockchain technology. Its core mission is to cultivate a thriving online marketplace for startups and businesses to expand massive adoption of Web3 and blockchain. This is achieved through the implementation of an innovative WEconomics theory. This theory proposes a new form of organizational structure, tailored to the dynamic needs of modern startups. Furthermore, WEconomy introduces a unique paradigm for building startups, emphasizing distributed and free collaboration. At the heart of this system is a new group of builders — forward-thinking individuals and teams dedicated to shaping the future of the fair and permissionless economy.


WEconomy shatters the confines of traditional startup ecosystems, pioneering a groundbreaking, permissionless and fair network that empowers builders worldwide to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations without boundaries. Underpinned by the innovative WEconomics paradigm, a novel economic theory rooted in Web3 and blockchain technology, WEconomy disrupts the conventional relationship between production and organization, fostering an exclusive network environment where collaboration knows no limits, employment constraints are lifted, access is equalized, and a decentralized resource collective mechanism fuels innovation, propelling dreams into reality. By dismantling gatekeepers and providing equitable access to resources, WEconomy empowers individuals from all corners of the globe to bring their startup dreams to life, shaping the future of innovation and driving global economic growth.

Replicating real-world productive startup ecosystems, the WEconomy network centralizes a diverse array of resources, including ideas, funding, and talent, to nurture a vibrant startup landscape. These startups generate a multitude of opportunities, including employment, investment avenues, and innovative societal contributions. By effectively reusing fragmented resources, WEconomy startups foster the creation of entirely new economic value, democratizing global opportunities and propelling income levels, thereby contributing to the reduction of the wealth gap. This unwavering commitment to equitable and inclusive growth epitomizes the WEconomy paradigm.

WEconomy stands as a beacon of hope in a world yearning for a more equitable and inclusive economic landscape. Its vision of a decentralized, collaborative, and permissionless economy holds immense promise for startups and businesses worldwide, paving the way for a brighter future where innovation and entrepreneurship flourish without limitations.

The Background of Building WEconomy

The Genesis of WEconomy: Addressing the Challenges of a Changing World The global economy and labor market are undergoing a profound transformation, driven by a confluence of factors that have reshaped the way we work, interact, and exchange value. Amidst this dynamic landscape, WEconomy emerges as a transformative force, seeking to address the pressing challenges and inequities that persist in the current economic paradigm.

1. The Economic Downturn and the Erosion of Employment Opportunities

The ongoing global economic recession has cast a long shadow over employment opportunities, leaving many individuals struggling to find stable and meaningful work. This downturn has exacerbated the pre-existing challenges faced by workers, particularly in developing economies, where job opportunities are often scarce and wages are disproportionately lower than in developed nations.

2. Capital Monopoly: A Barrier to Entrepreneurship and Upward Mobility

The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few has created an environment where a small group of individuals and entities exert undue control over the world's resources. This capital monopoly has stifled entrepreneurship and hindered economic mobility, making it increasingly difficult for individuals from marginalized communities to achieve financial stability and upward advancement.

3. AI-Driven Job Displacement: A Call for Reskilling and Reimagination of the Workforce

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is revolutionizing industries and displacing workers across diverse sectors. While AI holds the potential to create new jobs and enhance efficiency, it is simultaneously leading to job losses and a reshaping of the workforce. This necessitates a concerted effort to reskill and reimagine the workforce, ensuring that individuals have the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive in the evolving economic landscape.

4. Remote Work Acceleration: Balancing Flexibility with Collaboration and Access

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption of remote work practices, enabling individuals to work from anywhere with an internet connection. This shift has opened up new avenues for workers, particularly those in geographically constrained areas, but has also introduced challenges in terms of coordination, communication, and access to resources.

5. Global Labor Value Disparity: A Call for Equitable Compensation and Fairness

Globalization has fostered an interconnected global economy, but it has also created a situation where workers in different countries are compensated vastly differently for the same work. This disparity has fueled resentment and demands for fairer labor practices, highlighting the need for a more equitable distribution of economic value across borders.

6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Catalysts for Decentralized Finance and Economic Empowerment

The emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has introduced novel forms of decentralized finance and challenged traditional economic models. These innovations have sparked interest in alternative economic systems that offer greater transparency, security, and control to individuals, empowering them to participate in the digital economy with greater autonomy.

In response to these transformative forces, WEconomy emerges with a vision of a more equitable and inclusive economic system, powered by the transformative potential of blockchain technology. WEconomy's decentralized co-building aims to connect individuals and organizations directly, circumventing the intermediaries that often extract excessive value and hinder economic opportunity.

By leveraging blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent ecosystem, WEconomy aims to foster trust, promote collaboration, and ensure that individuals have control over their data and economic opportunities. In essence, WEconomy represents a paradigm shift in the global economy, moving towards a more equitable and inclusive model where individuals are empowered, value is exchanged directly and transparently, and economic opportunities are accessible to all.

The Problem WE Address

1.Democratize Startup Creation:

Empowering Aspiring Builders with Zero Barriers and Zero Costs

WEconomy aims to revolutionize the startup landscape by dismantling the capital monopoly that hinders aspiring entrepreneurs from bringing their innovative ideas to life. Through a decentralized approach and a commitment to co-build collaborating mechanisms, WEconomy empowers individuals and teams to launch their startups without barriers and at zero cost.

Breaking the Capital Barrier

Three kinds of Decentralized Token-Based Fundraising Mechanisms

The traditional venture capital model has long been criticized for its exclusivity and limited access, often leaving talented individuals without the financial resources to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. WEconomy utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize the financing landscape, empowering builders to directly access capital from a global community of investors. This approach eliminates the dominance of venture capitalists and institutional investors, promoting a more equitable distribution of capital ownership. By fostering decentralized token-based fundraising mechanisms that democratize access to capital and empower aspiring builders. Through fair launch, sale launch, and list launch mechanisms, WEconomy enables startups to raise capital directly from a global community of investors, breaking down the capital barrier and fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape. Embracing Co-Building Collaboration

A Transformative Approach to Startup Development

WEconomy disrupts the traditional startup landscape by introducing co-building collaboration, a decentralized approach that empowers builders with collective knowledge, expertise, and resources. This ideology promotes lowest-cost participation, enabling individuals to contribute with part-time commitment or small funding amounts. Co-building collaboration democratizes access to startup opportunities, accelerates innovation, and fosters shared ownership. WEconomy envisions a future where this transformative approach becomes the norm, revolutionizing the way innovative ideas are brought to life.

A New Era of Startup Creation

By breaking the capital barrier and embracing co-building collaboration, WEconomy paves the way for a new era of startup creation, where anyone with an innovative idea and the drive to execute can turn their vision into reality. This inclusive approach empowers individuals from all backgrounds and locations to participate in the global economy, driving innovation, creating jobs, and fostering a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities. WEconomy stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, signaling a shift towards a decentralized, collaborative, and permissionless economy where the power to create and innovate lies in the hands of the builders themselves.

2.Reimagining Work for the Digital Age:

Breaking Free from Location and Wage-Labor

The traditional work paradigm, defined by geographical constraints and fixed employment structures, is no longer aligned with the demands of the digital age. Individuals seek greater flexibility, autonomy, and equitable compensation, necessitating a transformative work landscape that transcends these limitations. WEconomy, a decentralized network for startup creation, paves the way for a transformative work paradigm where individuals can thrive.

Embracing Remote Work: Unleashing Global Talent

Remote work technologies have revolutionized the concept of work, enabling individuals to collaborate and contribute from anywhere in the world. This shift not only expands job opportunities but also empowers individuals to tailor their work to their preferences and balance work with personal life. WEconomy seamlessly integrates remote work, providing a platform where individuals can connect with projects and contribute remotely, regardless of their location.

Tokenized Rewards: A Fairer Distribution of Value

The traditional wage-labor model has often perpetuated income inequality, limiting individuals' participation in the value they create. WEconomy introduces tokenized rewards models, where individuals earn tokens or cryptocurrency for their contributions to projects or the network. This approach fosters a more equitable distribution of value, aligning individual earnings with their contributions.

Beyond traditional full-time employment, WEconomy encourages diverse work arrangements, including the gig economy and freelance marketplaces. These models provide individuals with greater flexibility and control over their work, enabling them to pursue multiple projects and build a portfolio of skills and experiences. Additionally, WEconomy supports alternative employment models, such as worker cooperatives and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), where individuals have a greater say in decision-making and share ownership of the enterprise.

A Work Paradigm for the Future

The traditional work paradigm has outgrown its usefulness in the digital age. WEconomy, with its emphasis on remote work, tokenized rewards, and diverse employment models, is shaping a transformative work landscape that empowers individuals to work remotely, earn equitably, and thrive in a dynamic global economy.

3.Revolutionizing Decentralized Global Recruitment, Payroll and freelancer platform

In the dynamic realm of global talent management, WEconomy emerges as a transformative force, disrupting traditional approaches with its innovative blockchain-powered platform. Unlike conventional global payroll and recruitment solutions that rely on intermediaries and centralized systems, WEconomy embraces decentralization and harnesses the power of blockchain technology to streamline the hiring process, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Decentralized Launchpad: Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

At the heart of WEconomy's transformative approach lies its groundbreaking launchpad, a decentralized marketplace that seamlessly connects companies with freelancers worldwide. This elimination of intermediaries significantly reduces transaction costs and expedites the hiring process. Companies can effortlessly post their specific requirements on the launchpad, browse freelancer profiles, and engage top talent based on performance history, reputation ratings, and demonstrated skills.

Bounty-Based Hiring: Optimizing Costs and Enhancing Efficiency

WEconomy further disrupts the traditional talent acquisition landscape through its innovative bounty-based hiring system. Instead of relying on traditional job postings and applications, companies post bounties for specific tasks, attracting freelancers with the necessary expertise to bid on and complete them. This approach incentivizes freelancers to deliver high-quality work and ensures that companies receive the desired outcomes.

Respective Deposit Mechanism: Mitigating Risks and Fostering Trust

To mitigate potential risks associated with freelancer transactions, WEconomy employs a unique bounty respective deposit mechanism. Companies deposit a portion of the bounty, and freelancers deposit a portion of their bid into an escrow account. This mechanism ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations and safeguards against non-payment or disputes.

Empowering Freelancers: A Secure, Transparent, and Rewarding Work Environment

WEconomy offers a multitude of benefits that enhance the earning potential and overall experience of freelancers. The efficient bounty acquisition system provides direct access to work opportunities, eliminating the need to search for projects through multiple platforms. Additionally, the bounty-based system reduces transaction costs, allowing freelancers to retain a larger portion of their earnings. WEconomy's reputation-building system empowers freelancers to showcase their skills and expertise to potential clients. Freelancers earn ratings and feedback based on their performance, enabling companies to make informed hiring decisions. Moreover, freelancers can directly access tasks posted by companies, fostering seamless collaboration and streamlined communication.

A Paradigm Shift for the Future of Global Talent Management

In conclusion, WEconomy stands out as a revolutionary platform that addresses the limitations of traditional global talent management solutions. Its blockchain-powered launchpad, bounty-based hiring system, respective deposit mechanism, and freelancer-centric features empower companies to hire top talent efficiently and effectively, while providing freelancers with a secure, transparent, and rewarding work environment. WEconomy's paradigm shift in global talent management paves the way for a future where blockchain technology revolutionizes the way companies engage with and manage their global workforce, ushering in a new era of seamless collaboration and global talent utilization.

4.Equalizing Capital Income Opportunities

WEconomy's Decentralized Ecosystem for Equitable Wealth Creation

The widening gap between rich and poor is a pressing global issue, with capital income far outpacing labor income. This disparity stems from the concentrated ownership of capital and the limitations of traditional wage-labor structures. WEconomy emerges as a transformative solution, leveraging blockchain technology to democratize capital access and empower individuals to share in the rewards of the digital economy.

The Challenge: Capital Income's Disproportionate Advantage

In the current financial system, capital income holds an undeniable advantage over labor income. Capital owners enjoy the potential for unlimited wealth accumulation through investments, asset appreciation, and rental income. In contrast, labor income is often constrained by geographical limitations, wage-labor structures, and the erosion of purchasing power due to inflation.

Key Strategies for Equitable Capital Income Opportunities

Tokenized Rewards and Compensation: WEconomy replaces traditional wage-labor structures with tokenized rewards, allowing individuals to earn tokens or cryptocurrency directly proportional to their contributions.

Fractional Ownership of Investments: WEconomy lowers barriers to entry for capital investments by enabling fractional ownership mechanisms. Individuals can participate in funding opportunities with limited capital, diversifying their portfolios and enhancing their earning potential.

Skill Development and Upskilling Initiatives: WEconomy empowers individuals to adapt to the evolving demands of the digital economy by investing in skill development and upskilling initiatives.

WEconomy's network ecosystem has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals earn and manage capital, effectively reducing the gap between rich and poor. By democratizing capital access, empowering individuals to share in the rewards of the digital economy, and promoting financial inclusion, WEconomy paves the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

The Solution

The growing disparity between the wealthy and the less fortunate, fueled by the increasing prevalence of capital income over labor income, significant hurdles in establishing new businesses, and uneven access to employment opportunities, demands a revolutionary solution.

We propose a permissionless, non-code, zero-barrier, open and fair BUIDL economy network built on blockchain technology to empower individuals to create startups without coding expertise or significant funding resources. This network will facilitate decentralized fundraising, enabling collective and automated capital allocation based on practical requirements. Additionally, startups will generate job opportunities with capital income paid to builders inside the network, help companies hire talents more efficiently and lower cost, allowing individuals to participate part-time and with minimal cost. Investors will also be able to invest with small funding amounts to earn investment income.

This approach has the potential to revolutionize capital income generation, work paradigms, and create a compelling web3 adaptive use case, effectively reducing wealth inequality and fostering a more equitable future.

The Methdology

A breakdown of the WEconomy methodology operation into 5 steps:

1.Create an innovative unified launchpad platform that embodies the principles of WEconomics, the new co-building paradigm, decentralized fundraising, BUIDLer profile with performance tracking and a freelancer marketplace where contributors earn capital income for their participation in project development and governance.

2.Create a multi-chain token tracking, trading with smart trade strategies, and promotion platform to promote the token of startups for achieving success.

Startups serve as the cornerstone of the WEconomy network, generating job opportunities and driving innovation. However, navigating the dynamic and evolving Web3 landscape can be challenging for startups, particularly in attracting liquidity for their native tokens. To address this hurdle, a multi-chain token tracking, trading, and promotion platform emerges as a pivotal solution, fostering startup growth and propelling the advancement of the tokenized economy. By addressing the challenge of token liquidity and providing comprehensive support, this platform fosters startup growth, accelerates innovation, and propels the advancement of the tokenized economy.

3.Harnessing WEconomy's Paradigm: Establishing Protocols for Treasury-Powered Venture Funds to Nurture a Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

The WEconomy paradigm holds immense potential to revolutionize the startup ecosystem by introducing a decentralized and community-driven approach to venture funding. Through the establishment of protocols designed to build treasuries that function as venture funds, WEconomy can empower startups, boost innovation, and foster a thriving network of interconnected entities.

At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of treasury-based venture funding. Treasuries, in the context of WEconomy, serve as decentralized venture funds that pool capital from community members and token holders. These funds are then strategically invested in promising startups within the WEconomy network, fueling their growth and propelling innovation.

4.Nurturing Builders and Startups through Hackathons, Incubators, and Accelerator Program

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, innovation thrives when budding entrepreneurs and BUIDLers – the builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs driving the industry forward – have access to the resources, mentorship, and support they need to transform their groundbreaking ideas into tangible solutions. To foster this environment of innovation, we propose the establishment of a robust ecosystem of hackathons, incubators, and accelerator programs, designed to empower the next generation of blockchain pioneers.

5. Cultivate an Offline BUIDL Community and Coworking Space in Major Metropolitan Areas to Facilitate Collaboration and Resource Sharing

The ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology demands a transformative approach to fostering innovation, collaboration, and resource sharing among BUIDLers – the builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs driving the industry forward. The establishment of physical BUIDL Communities and coworking spaces in major metropolitan areas presents a compelling opportunity to address this need and cultivate a thriving ecosystem of blockchain enthusiasts.

These centralized hubs would serve as catalysts for accelerated innovation, providing BUIDLers with the resources, mentorship, and collaborative environment they need to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life. Through knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and access to essential tools and infrastructure, BUIDL Communities would empower individuals to transform their visions into tangible solutions and contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology.

By cultivating offline BUIDL Communities, we can empower the next generation of blockchain innovators, accelerate the development of transformative solutions, and usher in a new era of innovation driven by collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource access.

What WEconomy Position

Revolutionizing Blockchain Adoption Through a Paradigm Shift

The advent of blockchain technology has ignited a revolutionary wave in the digital sphere, offering a decentralized and secure foundation for diverse applications. While Bitcoin marked the inception of this paradigm shift, Ethereum propelled its potential by introducing smart contracts, enabling the development of decentralized applications (dApps). However, despite remarkable progress, the realization of blockchain's full potential is still impeded by the challenge of translating technological innovation into widespread adoption and tangible real-world applications.

WEconomy emerges as a paradigm-shifting initiative, addressing the critical need to bridge the chasm between blockchain innovation and practical implementations. By transcending the limitations of existing blockchain ecosystems, WEconomy aims to harness the transformative power of this technology, disrupting various industries and aspects of our lives.

WEconomy's Paradigm Shift: Igniting Innovation and Driving Utilization

WEconomy's paradigm shift centers on cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of builders, ideas, and funding to drive the development of innovative and impactful blockchain applications. This approach encompasses three key pillars:

Massive Use Case Expansion: WEconomy is unwaveringly committed to identifying and supporting real-world use cases that address tangible needs and resolve pressing challenges across diverse industries. By expanding blockchain's applicability beyond its current niche, WEconomy strives to mainstream the technology, making it an integral part of our daily existence.

Startup Empowerment: WEconomy recognizes the pivotal role startups play in shaping the future of blockchain technology. By providing comprehensive support, encompassing funding, mentorship, and access to resources, WEconomy empowers startups to transform their groundbreaking ideas into viable businesses, driving growth and expediting blockchain adoption.

Builder Ecosystem Cultivation: WEconomy fosters a thriving ecosystem of builders, bringing together individuals with diverse skills and expertise to collaborate on blockchain projects. This collaborative environment promotes knowledge sharing, cross-pollination of ideas, and the emergence of innovative solutions.

Significance: Unleashing Blockchain's Revolutionary Power

WEconomy's paradigm shift holds immense potential to unleash the revolutionary power of blockchain technology, propelling us towards a future where blockchain seamlessly integrates into our lives. By expanding blockchain's adaptive use cases, empowering startups, and fostering a collaborative builder ecosystem, WEconomy is poised to disrupt various industries, ranging from finance and healthcare to supply chain management and governance.

WEconomy's vision transcends technological innovation; it aims to create a more equitable and inclusive society by harnessing the power of blockchain to democratize access to capital, empower individuals, and foster sustainable economic growth.

What The WEconomy Benefits

Revolutionizing Startup Creation for Founders

WEconomy's launchpad is a transformative force in the startup ecosystem, empowering founders with a permissionless, zero-cost, and zero-code platform that streamlines the entrepreneurial journey, facilitates agile talent acquisition, simplifies regulatory compliance, and unlocks a global network of opportunities. This comprehensive approach democratizes startup creation, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to transform their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Empowering Investors and Fostering Inclusive Growth

WEconomy represents a paradigm shift in startup investing, empowering individuals from all walks of life to participate in the exciting world of venture capital and potentially reap significant rewards. By lowering barriers to entry, democratizing ownership, providing early-stage access, and ensuring transparency and accountability, WEconomy is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable investment landscape, fostering inclusive growth and innovation for the benefit of all.

Empowering Builders with Diverse Income Streams and Collaborative Opportunities

WEconomy is revolutionizing the way builders work and earn, empowering them with diverse income streams, fostering collaborative opportunities, and providing a platform to showcase their expertise. By breaking down traditional barriers and creating a more equitable and inclusive ecosystem, WEconomy is shaping the future of work, enabling builders to thrive and contribute to the world's most innovative endeavors.

Empowering Freelancers with Crypto-Paid Opportunities and Capital Income

WEconomy revolutionizes the freelance landscape by providing freelancers with crypto-paid opportunities, expanding their access to global projects, streamlining payments, and empowering them with autonomy and control over their work. By addressing the challenges traditionally faced by freelancers, WEconomy is paving the way for a more equitable and rewarding gig economy, where freelancers can thrive and achieve financial success.

Empowering Traders and Investors with Early-Stage Investment Opportunities and Smart Trade Strategy

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), WEconomy emerges as a transformative force, empowering traders and investors with a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates early-stage project investments and utilizes cutting-edge intent-based smart trade platforms to maximize returns. By providing early-stage investment access, cutting-edge smart trade technology, and a synergistic ecosystem, WEconomy is shaping the future of DeFi, fostering innovation and unlocking the full potential of this transformative financial landscape.

What WE Built

Since 2022, WEconomy has developed a comprehensive paradigm for its methodology, encompassing key components like a launchpad, a smart trading platform, and various protocols for treasury building. This framework is integral to advancing WEconomy's vision, allowing for efficient execution of its innovative strategies. The launchpad serves as a springboard for new projects, the smart trading platform enhances transactional efficiency, and the treasury-building protocols ensure financial sustainability and growth. Together, these elements form the backbone of WEconomy's mission to revolutionize the startup and business ecosystem.



WELaunch is an all-in-one launchpad that empowers builders to create startups without any barriers. It provides a comprehensive builder profile, a bounty system for agile talent acquisition, three kinds of decentralized fundraising mechanisms, and on-chain governance for community-driven decision-making.



TokenChart redefines the token trading landscape by providing a comprehensive platform that equips traders with intent-driven smart trade strategies, seamless cross-chain compatibility, and unparalleled token coverage. It seamlessly integrates over 10 smart trading strategies, supports over 100 blockchain networks, and encompasses a vast database of over 500,000 tokens.

Protocols Matrix

Perpetual Exchange

ve(3,3) DEX, AMM DEX

Lending Protocol

Baas(Bond as a Service)

The Operation Strategy

1.Establish a DAO Venture Treasury: Generate revenue from the Protocols Matrix to fund the DAO Venture Treasury.

2.Foster Innovation: Organize hackathons to attract and support promising projects.

3.Cultivate a Global BUIDLers Community: Create a vibrant network of builders to share knowledge and collaborate on projects.

4.Invest and Incubate: Leverage the DAO Treasury to invest in promising projects and provide incubation support.

5.Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with blockchain projects to enhance liquidity and boost TVL (total value locked).

The Future Objectives

1.Treasury Growth: Continuously build and expand the WEconomy Treasury through sustainable revenue generation.

2.Community and Ecosystem Expansion: Foster global community growth and expand the WEconomy ecosystem to enhance its reach and impact.

3.Exclusive WEconomy Chain: Launch a dedicated WEconomy blockchain to optimize performance and facilitate seamless ecosystem interactions.

4.Decentralized Governance: Transition WEconomy into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to empower community-driven decision-making.

5.Offline Workspace: Establish a physical WEconomy workspace to provide a collaborative environment for builders and innovators.

6.Network State Transformation: Evolve WEconomy into a decentralized on-line network state, enabling self-governance and fostering a thriving ecosystem for Web3 innovation.

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