WEconomy Incubator is a visionary platform designed to fuel innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. It provides a rich tapestry of resources, services, and unwavering support, empowering individuals and projects to excel in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. Let's delve into the core elements of WEconomy and explore its offerings in greater detail:

How To Apply

Desire to launch your own web3 protocol but short on resources? Join WEconomy Incubator now

1.Create Your Project on WELaunch.work

2.Seek Support on WEconomy Discord by opening a ticket

3.Submit your Requirements

Vision and Mission

Vision: WEconomy's vision is founded on the principle of empowerment. They strive to eliminate obstacles and create an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can chase their dreams and boost their income. This is achieved by harnessing the potential of blockchain and Web3 technologies to foster a fully open, secure, decentralized startup economy.

Mission: At the heart of WEconomy's mission is turning their vision into reality. They are trailblazers in constructing a blockchain-based startup economy. Their mission involves offering extensive support through all-encompassing blockchain startup solutions to like-minded individuals who champion an inclusive, open, and decentralized world. They are devoted to empowering Web3 pioneers to transform innovative ideas into tangible, impactful projects, making the Web3 ecosystem more inclusive and innovative.

Provding What WE Can


Welaunch.work Launchpad: This is the cornerstone of WEconomy's methodology. It serves as an all-in-one launchpad that empowers builders to bring their projects to life from the ground up, all without the need for coding or seeking permission. This launchpad comprises several essential components:

1.IDO Launch: Facilitating project kickstart through fund-raising via Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

2.Bounty Program: Attracting developers by offering bounties.

3.On-chain Governance: Ensuring transparent governance of the protocol, promoting openness and accountability.

Comprehensive Support: WEconomy offers a complete spectrum of support services that include:

1.Marketing: Crafting effective marketing strategies to boost project visibility.

2.Funding: Assisting in securing crucial financial support.

3.Talent Acquisition: Aiding in recruiting the right talent for project development.

4.Developer Support: Providing guidance and resources to assist developers.

5.Idea Nurturing: Cultivating and refining project ideas.

6.Brand Development: Building and promoting the project's brand.

7.Project Management: Offering robust project management services to ensure project success.

Liquidity Generation Events (LGE): WEconomy takes the initiative to organize Liquidity Generation Events (LGEs) aimed at bolstering on-chain liquidity. This guarantees a fair and efficient token distribution to early project supporters.

Tokenchart.in: This is a comprehensive DeFi gateway providing real-time price charts and thorough trading data analysis across multiple blockchain networks and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It offers a host of features, such as watchlists, DeFi portfolio tracking, notebooks, and price alerts, all of which significantly boost token promotion in the market.

Progress Tracking and Revenue Optimization: At WEconomy, meticulous monitoring of project growth and revenue optimization is a priority. This ensures that both projects and investors receive optimal returns and that projects reach their full potential within the Web3 ecosystem

The WEconomy Difference:

One-stop Solution: WEconomy stands out by offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for project development. Builders can take projects from conception to fruition without the need for coding or permissions, simplifying the process significantly.

Rich Experience: The WEconomy team comprises seasoned experts who have played pivotal roles in the Web3 revolution. Their collective experience and expertise significantly contribute to the success of the projects they support.

Comprehensive Support: WEconomy offers a holistic range of services, guiding projects from the idea stage to successful execution and beyond. This well-rounded support approach ensures project success.

Collaborative Community: By joining WEconomy, project builders become part of a vibrant and passionate community, including experts and enthusiasts who share the same vision. This collaborative network can offer valuable insights and support.

Token Promotion: WEconomy leverages its powerful platform, Tokenchart, to assist projects in promoting their tokens in the market. This increased visibility and reach can significantly benefit projects.

Partnerships: WEconomy has cultivated close partnerships with prominent blockchain chains, such as Syscoin, Rollux, IoTex, Polygon zkEVM, and Lumoz. These partnerships open doors to additional opportunities and resources for the projects they support.

Incubation Services:

Mentorship and Guidance: WEconomy provides direct access to experienced advisors who offer valuable guidance in various aspects, including technical aspects, business strategy development, and community building support. This mentorship is essential for project success.

Resource Provision: WEconomy offers a wide range of resources, including developer services, financial support, educational opportunities, and marketing support. These resources are crucial for overcoming challenges and turning ideas into reality.

Comprehensive Solutions: WEconomy offers innovative tools and solutions that streamline the project development process. This includes WELaunch for project launches, ve33 Swap for decentralized exchange services, and TokenChart for monitoring token performance and data analytics.

Support Ecosystem

WEconomy has established a robust support ecosystem to assist projects in various critical areas:

Marketing Strategies: They offer customized marketing solutions to effectively promote projects and gain market support.

Funding Opportunities: WEconomy assists projects in securing funding from a variety of sources, including venture capital, grants, and token sales. This financial support can be instrumental in bringing project ideas to life.

Development Resources: They provide technical guidance and resources to help project teams overcome challenges and meet their development goals, ensuring that projects are executed with precision.

Project Management Tools: WEconomy offers tools and insights to ensure that projects are managed effectively, helping them meet their goals efficiently.

Getting Started

For those ready to embark on their Web3 journey with WEconomy, here's how to get started:

Visit their website at weconomy.network to learn more about their services.

Contact our team at https://discord.gg/Jea7PwARN3 to discuss your project or inquire about collaboration opportunities.

Connect with us on social media to stay updated on the latest Web3 developments and community events.

In essence, WEconomy Web3 Incubator serves as a comprehensive and supportive ecosystem, empowering Web3 pioneers to transform their innovative ideas into reality. It offers a vast array of resources, expertise, and a collaborative community that shares the vision of creating a more inclusive and innovative Web3 ecosystem. By leveraging their unique one-stop solution and strong partnerships, WEconomy provides the tools and support needed for projects to thrive in the ever-evolving Web3 world.

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