Liquidity Generation And Growth Event


The protocol ecosystem, serving as the foundational core of the cryptocurrency landscape, has experienced exponential growth in recent years. It represents the primary gateway through which new users enter the blockchain sphere. Consequently, numerous global innovators aspire to develop their own protocols to secure a prominent position within the fiercely competitive crypto ecosystem. However, solo developers, teams devoid of branding, and those grappling with funding constraints face formidable barriers. These challenges encompass:

1.Developer Proficiency: The development of a protocol necessitates a high level of technical expertise, posing a significant hurdle for those lacking such capabilities.

2.Financial Resources: Building a protocol without access to adequate funding resources is a formidable undertaking, often stymying progress.

3.Fundraising Challenges: The process of raising funds, especially for early-stage teams, presents a daunting challenge fraught with uncertainty.

4.Transparency in Governance: The absence of transparency within governance structures can undermine trust, cooperation, and the overall success of the project.

5.Marketing Competence: Effective promotion and marketing of the protocol require specialized expertise, making it a complex aspect for many solo developers and teams.

6.Liquidity Generation: The establishment of liquidity from the ground up is a multifaceted endeavor, often requiring significant resources and strategic planning.

In the current cryptocurrency landscape, which is predominantly influenced by major venture capital entities and influential market leaders, the task of establishing a protocol as a solo developer or a brandless team is exceptionally arduous.

However, it is imperative to recognize that success in the cryptocurrency industry is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. It is with this enduring commitment that we strive to dismantle these barriers and create a level playing field, thereby affording equal opportunities to all aspiring builders.


The comprehensive methodology is orchestrated through a tripartite framework, featuring a launchpad, a ve(3,3) Dex and TokenChart as its core components.

1.Protool Launch and Fundraising: The protocol strategically initiates an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) through the designated launchpad to secure essential funding.

2.Price Determination: Following the culmination of the IDO, the listing price for the protocol's token is meticulously established.

3.Liquidity Transition: The protocol adeptly orchestrates the seamless transfer of initial liquidity from the launchpad to the ve(3,3)Dex, ensuring a fluid transition.

4.Liquidity Optimization: To incentivize liquidity provision, experienced Liquidity Providers (LPers) actively contribute assets to fortify the protocol's liquidity pool on the Dex. This engagement rewards them with a dual incentive structure encompassing both Dex token emissions and transaction fees generated from swapping activities.

5.Strategic Token Promotion: A meticulously crafted marketing strategy is executed to elevate the token's prominence and visibility on distinguished TokenChart, thereby enhancing its standing within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Benefits

The six primary benefits that can be realized through the described methodology for the protocol:

1.Efficient Fundraising: The IDO launchpad provides an efficient means for the protocol to secure funding, allowing for a streamlined capital acquisition process.

2.Fair Market Price: The dynamic listing price based on IDO progress ensures that the protocol's token is launched at a fair and market-driven valuation, offering transparency to investors.

3.Builder Engagement: The ability to offer bounties encourages collaboration and attracts talented builders to contribute to the protocol's development, fostering innovation.

4.Community Involvement: On-chain governance proposals promote active participation from the community, giving stakeholders a voice in decision-making processes.

5.Enhanced Credibility: Maintaining transparency throughout the building workflow enhances the team's credibility, which can attract more builders and investors, bolstering the protocol's long-term prospects.

6.Liquidity Growth: Encouraging Liquidity Providers (LPers) to add assets to the protocol fosters the growth of its liquidity pool. This increased liquidity enhances the protocol's stability and attractiveness to traders and investors, further strengthening its market position and resilience.

7.Marketing Promotion: Strategic marketing supports to elevate the protocol's visibility and presence within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, attracting a wider audience of potential users and investors.

The Protocols


An all-in-one blockchain projects launchpad, provides project launch, decentralized fundraising, on-chain governance and bounty that is devoted to helping builders launch their projects easily with non-code and zero costs.

WELaunch offers an innovative and equitable IDO model featuring a price discovery mechanism. This mechanism not only assists protocols in determining a fair launch price but also benefits investors by providing them with an optimal entry point for their investments.

1.Initial IDO Price: The IDO commences with an initial price point.

2.Dynamic Listing Price: The listing price dynamically adjusts based on the progress of the IDO, ensuring a fair and market-driven valuation.

3.Builder Bounties: The team has the option to offer bounties, incentivizing developers to collaborate in building for the protocol.

4.Governance Proposals: The team can submit proposals, inviting the community to actively engage in on-chain governance decisions.

5.Transparent Workflow: An unwavering commitment to an open and transparent workflow enhances the team's credibility, making it more appealing to builders and investors alike.


EchoSwap is native liquidity marketplace driving ve(3,3) concept . It drives the solidly concept of redistributing fees and token emissions to multiple roles with the features of staking, bribing and vote-escrowed tokens etc, involving community into the protocol to expand DeFi mission.

How to Earn in EchoSwap

By actively participating in liquidity provision, voting, locking $ECHO, and holding veECHO, you can earn $ECHO emissions, trading fees, bribes, and veECHO rewards. These mechanisms incentivize engagement and contribute to the overall growth and success of the ecosystem.

Provide liquidity to earn $ECHO emissions

1.By providing liquidity to the supported liquidity pools and staking your LP tokens, you can earn $ECHO tokens.

2.Whether you deposit or withdraw liquidity, there are no fees involved in earning $ECHO emissions.

Vote to earn trading fees and bribes

1.As a veECHO holder, you have the power to vote for your preferred liquidity pool in each epoch.

2.By voting for a specific pool, you can earn 80% of the trading fees and 100% of the bribes collected through that pool.

3.Voting allows you to participate in the governance and decision-making process of the protocol.

Lock $ECHO to earn veECHO

1.$ECHO holders have the option to vote-escrow their tokens by locking them for a specified period.

2.By locking $ECHO, you can earn veECHO tokens, which provide governance rights and other benefits within the ecosystem.

3.The lock period can range from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 2 years, with a linear relationship between the lock duration and the amount of veECHO earned.

veECHO holders to rebase to earn

1.veECHO holders are eligible to receive veECHO tokens as part of the rebase mechanism.

2.These rewards are distributed to veECHO holders in order to reduce voting power dilution.

3.You can claim the veECHO rewards as they accrue, and they are distributed proportionally to all veECHO holders.



A one-stop gateway of Defi provides real-time price charts and trading data analysis across multi-chains and Dexs that integrates many utility tools, including watchlist, DeFi portfolio tracker, notebook, price alert etc.

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