Our Mission

Narrow the gap between rich and poor

Breaking wage-labor system and the hierarchy systems in enterprises

Promote income, liquidity and capital gain of labor

Lowering the threshold of starting a business

Generate fair opportunities to everyone

Carry out WEconomy Basic Income which is a new Universal Basic Income planning

These are our most important values, what inspires us, and what motivates us.

At WEconomy we envision a new freelancing market, a new workforce, a new startup paradigm, a new permissionLess economic, a beautiful decentralized society arising and a new world.

What lies in our vision & mission is maximizing the circulation of labor value, linking all comers who are gig workers, freelancers, part-time employees, and entrepreneurs in the world, and stimulating group cooperation, teamed entrepreneurship, and innovation among start-up creators, establishing a new token-economic model, through the DCO(Decentralized WEconomy Organization) to drive.

In the process of value creation, through the WEconomy network, we can break out traditional employment system and labor liquidity of location limits, reduce the cost to start a business, change the way to collaborate, revolutionize the means to compensate, and increase the success rate of a startup or an innovation. Thereby increasing the income of comers and narrowing the difference between the rich and the poor independently.

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