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What is DCO

DCO is a decentralized collaborative organization form which is a kind of producing organization form that is devoted to using the way of linking fragment resources and productivity to co-build and break down the monopoly of capital build that helps anyone who wants to launch startups on the Web3, Meta-verse and Blockchain economy.

A decentralized collaborative form and effective of labor value converter

With the development of new technologies and tools such as blockchains, AI, and the internet of things, societies are undergoing an organizational change.
The centralized organization form gradually shifts to a decentralized organizational form that advocates more freedom, more transparency and individual oriented values such as self sovereignty, freedom of movement and freedom of time.
Digital Nomads and freelancers are growing at a rapid pace, establishing themselves as a new, more convenient and efficient solution for many people.
Building a DCO revolves around the fact that the individual is the initiator of the organization. Any individual can build their own DCO, bootstrap their own vision, and build the corresponding DCO through consensus and the tools offered by WEconomy team.
The collaborative mode of the DCO is mainly based on distributed, asynchronous online collaboration and online collaboration.
Through DCO practice of WEconomy team oin the past two years, we have summarized the following traits in successful members:
Asking questions, thinking actively, discovering problems or proposing new ways of resolving them, communicating actively. These active characteristics are key for members.
The DCO organization model completely gives all the initiative to the members themselves. This gives them a higher incentive and drives more initiative. A strong self-management ability and open-source thinking will go a long way:
In a traditional organization, members remain the same, fixed, from start to finish. However, in a DCO, members don’t have mandatory constraints, and thus a certain degree of mobility. Comers come and go according to the needs of the different projects.